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Stratégie, Identité et Univers de Marque pour entrepreneurs conscients, professionnels du mieux-être individuel, collectif et environnemental


Création de sites - Logo

Creation process

Branding & Webdesign

II. Your Identity

The most POWERFUL way to set yourself apart is to attract customers whochoose YOU for who you are and what you shine for

This is why it is essential to know yourself before anything else. Before designing your visual identity, it will first be a question of laying the foundations. We will make aIdentity Clarification  constituting the essential basis of my support.

We will then move on to the creation phase, the realization of your project.

We will create the identity of your company starting from you, your personal branding. 

At this point Iwill visually translate the soul of your business. The choice of shapes, fonts, colors, symbols, your logo and the graphic line that goes with itconstitute  the first magnetic elements of your offers.

Your identity serves theacknowledgement  of your vibration, it will be present on all the media you use (website, social networks, business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.). I am particularly able to suggest a brand name, a baseline, a signature offer, etc.


You will have up to 3 LOGO proposals, the basis of your graphic charter.
At the end of the validation of your choice, all the elements will be made and all the files will be sent to you with the reasons for the graphic choice, its energy intention and its symbolic meaning..

Création de site Internet

Votre Univers de Marque

To enter the light is to assume your incarnation genuine! 

We will materialize your progress, anchor your message and your mission. 

At any time, youour website is here to remind you who you are! 

As close as possible to your values and deep aspirations, highlighting your universe contributes to a professional personal development combo. Once you have made the decision to express yourself, you take a higher level of liberation and fulfillment. You are going to live an unprecedented experience of inner transformation, your expansion will then be exponential.


It will be a real team effort between you and me. Through this process, I will guide you step by step. Your clarified, refined and optimized communication will highlight your personal value. My approach induces a therapeutic effect of legitimacy allowing you to acquire a pro-personal identity assumed down to the cellular level.

The creation of your site will contribute to:

• Clarify  your identity

• Shighlight your expertise

• Promote and develop your self-esteem

• Facilitate your visibility 

• Inspire trust and credibility

• Impact through your professional image

• Activate your magnetism

• Etc.

We will highlight :

• Your story, your uniqueness

• Twe assess your approach

• Yourcontribution, what you are able to transmit to others 

• Your clientele ofheart

• Etc. 

And because we are beings of evolution, I also accompany you if you wish to breathe new energy into your business.

Carole Morazin Communication thérapeutes

Depending on your specific needs, I will offer you a quote.

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