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Carole Morazin
Communication Auray

About me

My personal life serves my business!


From childhood, my abilities of hyperempathy were solicited, I was what is called achild therapist.

This experience has served me more than it has served me. I have developed fine skills to capture the other, to perceive their emotional field, to decipher their emotions through their masks, to understand beyond words. In fact, I have always been interested inpsychology and human relations, it's part of my DNA!

Today, my sensitivity is used in my business:active listening,keen observation,discernment,intuition,creativity,clairvoyance

My business serves my personal life!

Advising the client on his image is an integral part of my professional experience.

After having worked ten years in the field of optics, my activity initially consisted inclarify sight !

In 2012, I went back to school and made a professional transition.

Possessing a pronounced taste for visual communication in all its plurality, I decidedto broaden my scopeprofessional through training in visual marketing and digital strategy. ​ Graduated in graphic design, I specialized in business communication. 


The majority of my clients are therapists and for good reason I understand their language ! Thanks to intense encounters, experiments to understand each of their respective universes, I realized willingly moi my own personal development… I have also integrated certifying internships with the levels crossed that go with it.


At the start of my business, I also had the opportunity to carry out a short 2-year mission to support atypical teenagers and/or those with disabilities in inclusive education.

You have to believe that my soul chose to incarnate to reveal the other to who he is, to show him his value and accompany him to take its rightful place...!

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